Appraisal Witness: Qualified Expert

Appraisal Witness: Qualified Expert

Expert Appraisal Witness Testimony

Expert appraisal witness testimony can make the difference in winning the case against your opponent. After finding someone do you believe to have specials deals or knowledge in the appraisal field of your case, several aspects of this expert witness needs to be addressed.

Here are seven expert appraisal witness characteristics that are needed in the testimony for your case, that will lead to a win:

    1. 1. Professionalism–An individual appearing before the court as an expert appraisal witness must have a professional appearance, professional attitude and display professional conduct.
      2. Knowledgeable– the testimony of an expert appraisal witness must display in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. This knowledge will always be portrayed by the individual that has years of experience appraising in the field that requires your expert appraisal witness testimony.
      3. Preparedness– When you receive your accredited appraisal, you’ll have your first clue as to the depth of this appraiser’s report. The appraisal report should have all references that will be needed to defend the appraisal report, should litigation arise. Beware if the report seems incomplete, short or inconclusive. If you have any doubts about your appraisal report, resolve these issues at the time you receive the appraisal report. The appraisal witness should be able to defend, explain and consult with you on all aspects concerning his appraisal report.
      4. Unbiased– The appraisal report that you request must be completely unbiased. The appraiser that compiles the appraisal report must be completely unbiased. The testimony that your expert appraisal witness surrenders must be completely unbiased. This characteristic is paramount your case is to be successful. An unbiased appraiser may be called upon to compile an appraisal report for both parties.
      5. Thoroughness– a knowledgeable professional who is prepared through their experience, their training and who has done their due diligence regarding the appraisal for this case and has documented their methods for appraisal and their references, can be relied upon to deliver an accurate testimony on which the trier’s of fact can understand and depend upon the appraiser’s opinions.
      6. Credibility The credibility of an expert witness requires that the witness not be partial or adversarial, that his credentials are impeccable, and the truth. The opposing counsel will attack this characteristic, the hardest to impeach an expert appraisal witness.
      7. Honesty– the smallest untruth fractures, the entire testimony. The weight given a appraisal witness is always greater in believability, if they are consistently truthful throughout the entire litigation process. Honesty cannot be compromised by an expert appraisal witness.

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